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Services, so near and yet so far. Its landscape and its people.

The inhabitants of Aller saw the Romans enter through the Carisa Way, but it was not strange to them because their culture has always been that of a border territory, a vast border territory that has lived for centuries from agriculture and shepherding, and which has seen how its mountains and forests were a paradise for hunting.

In the Modern Age, the revolution came with the coal that surrounds Aller’s entrails, and today Aller is a land of berrea — phenomenon referred to the rutting period of the deer that emit loud sounds to conquer the females —, a reference for international cycling with mythical passes in the history of the Tour of Spain such as Coto Bello and a mecca for lovers of white sports in the ski resort of Fuentes de Invierno, one of the most beautiful in the north of Spain.

One of the emblematic territories of the Asturian Central Mountains, Aller has dozens of routes to do on foot, by bike — such as the Cycle Ring —, on horseback… or by car, dozens of small corners where you can discover a valley, a river, a mountain, a panoramic view, a hermitage, a mining castle, a traditional food house or an ancient Roman road.