Saint-Gobain has an industrial centre in Asturias, where it develops glass for construction (Saint-Gobain Glass) and glass for automotive purposes (Saint-Gobain Sekurit).
The company has a Research Centre in Asturias (Aviles R&D Centre) which has worked on projects such as the development of glass for solar energy and highly innovative glass fusion procedures.


DuPont Asturias boasts the most modern company production and service facilities in Europe.
The Company currently focuses its activity over 3 fields: agriculture and nutrition, industrial biosciencesand advanced materials.


This company belongs to the multinational Glencore Xstrata International, a world leader in zinc production. Asturiana de Zinc is the largest electrolytic zinc plant in the world (productive capacity of 510,000 tonnes each year, 47.4 % from the Glencore group) and one of the most efficient on a world scale thanks to the development of its own technology.


The Bayer acetylsalicylic acid plant in Asturias is where 100 % of the active
ingredient for Aspirin is produced. Some 200 million units of aspirin are consumed around the world each day.
Additionally, and as a result of its high levels of competitiveness, experience and quality, the Bayer plant in Asturias, plans to take on the worldwide production of an active ingredient for an anti-parasitic drug for pets.


The IMOMA is a private initiative of the Masaveu Corporation, Cajastur and Asturian Medicine to fight against cancer.
Its healthcare activity is based on three pillars: coordinated, updated and personalized patient care, the integration of advances in molecular biology into clinical protocols, and a commitment to state-of-the-art radiotherapy.


Especializados en actividad asistencial en oftalmología, atendiendo cada año a aproximadamente 100.000 pacientes, de los que 65.000 provienen de fuera de Asturias.
Paralelamente realiza investigación clínica para realizar mejoras continuas e incorporar nuevos tratamientos y productos en el área de la oftalmología y ciencias de la visión, basados en proyectos de I+D+i.


Leading company in the manufacture through the sintering of components and systems for automotive gearboxes.
PMG, a leader in technology, created an R&D Centre in Asturias and its clients include virtually all the major automobile manufacturers.


The TK Elevator Group is present in Asturias through the companies TK Escalator Norte, a world leading company in the manufacture of stairs, moving walkways and accelerating walkways, TK Airport Solutions, specialised in the production of walkways for airports, as well as the Gijón Innovation Center, a worldwide company innovation centre.
In Asturias, the scale prototype of the pioneering MULTI project has been developed and presented worldwide: the world’s first ropeless elevator.


The world’s leading steel producer, ArcelorMittal owns the only steel plant in Spain in Asturias where the integrated steel production process is carried out. ArcelorMittal produces 5 million tons of steel in Asturias. Every year it produces around a quarter of the steel manufactured in Spain. In Asturias, the company has a recognized R&D&I Centre. Gregory Ludkovsky, Deputy Chairman of ArcelorMittal: “Asturias is undoubtedly in a position to host the best R&D technological activities thanks to its intellectual capacity and professional ethics.”


A company that undertakes projects based on advanced analytics mechanisms, data science and artificial intelligence in the service of people,
using its own change management methodology called “Data by Design”. It carries out its activity in La Pipa, a unique model in Spain, a “sandbox” that brings together people who are passionate about this sector and also about music, culture, art and sustainability.