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Location: Oviedo is centrally located in Asturias, with excellent regional and national connections. It is also conveniently close to Asturias airport, which is just a 30-minute car ride away.
Connectivity: Motorway links with the main regional urban centres, with the Meseta (Madrid), and the Cantabrian axis. Madrid-Asturias high-speed train (AVE) in 2024. Regular inter-city travel on the public network throughout the municipality.
Support for entrepreneurship (Oviedo Emprende) and innovation in Asturias (Asturias Technology Park / SEKUENS Agency, CEEI…).

Oviedo provides networking opportunities. Networking

Development of coworking/coliving facilities in the urban area.

The property market in this area is more affordable compared to other major urban centres in the country.

Oviedo is a city of services with a comprehensive range of cultural, sports, and leisure activities.

Good internet connections, mainly in urban areas, are under significant improvement with expanded coverage in rural areas through the PEBA and UNO plans.

Environmental and landscape quality.

Climate: Mild temperatures all year round.

Oviedo is in the heart of Asturias, right in the centre, and its capital is the capital of the Principality. It is the second most populated municipality in Asturias, and is one of the key points in the metropolitan area of the region.

When Máximo and Fromestano founded a monastery under the patronage of San Vicente, little could they have imagined that that place would be the origin of the capital of the first Christian kingdom of the Iberian Peninsula, and much less that more than a thousand years later a famous film director and Princess of Asturias Award winner such as Woody Allen would describe it “as a fairytale city where everything is old, clean and pleasant…”.

The Asturian capital is hospitable and dynamic, where you can experience something different every day, and has an intense cultural and commercial life, and neighbourhoods, each with its own distinctive and attractive character.

It is a city of human dimensions, especially designed for strolling, as it has many pedestrian streets, where every corner holds an unexpected sensation: the Fontán market, the cider boulevard, the Pre-Romanesque fountain of La Foncalada, the Cathedral with a Gothic and a Romanesque tower, the historic quarter which has been a source of inspiration for writers such as Clarín and Pérez de Ayala, contemporary civil architecture and an intense agenda which includes, among others, the opera season and the Princess of Asturias Awards Ceremony.

This is the city of Oviedo/Uviéu, monastic, royal and Jacobean, a beacon of Christianity in the late Middle Ages, which still treasures among its relics a universal reference: the Holy Shroud.

Mount Naranco – a place of pilgrimage and sporting events -, or the area of Faro, Limanes, Santa Ana de Abuli, etc. make up a pleasant rural environment for walking, visiting monuments or enjoying the gastronomy and cider, in a festive, hospitable council that loves Asturian traditions.