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A rising municipality that blends heritage and tradition with a bright future.

The historical trajectory of the council of Valdés – the fourth largest in Asturias in terms of area – is deeply linked to life and its evolution. It is no coincidence that the Parque de la Vida (Park of Life) is located in this territory, where you can see cephalopods of extraordinary dimensions, unique in the world and which appear in this area of the Cantabrian Sea, or that the only Spanish Nobel Prize winner for Medicine, Severo Ochoa, whose synthesis of cellular DNA in the laboratory has been the key to the development of contemporary biomedicine, was born here.

A good and quality life is enjoyed by locals and foreigners alike when they enjoy the many natural beauties of the municipality: the countless coves and beaches, the Protected Landscape of the Esva River Gorges, the Nature Reserve of Barayo Beach, the viewpoint of La Regalina in Cadavéu, the impressive cliffs and panoramic views of Cape Busto, the Valley of Paredes (Princess of Asturias Award for Exemplary Village 2001), or Brieves with its stone arches, elements of high ethnographic value that link the hórreos (raised granaries) with the houses, etc.

Its capital, Luarca/Lluarca, a picturesque, beautiful and historic fishing village, is known as the “White Village of the Costa Verde”. There are many charming places that Luarca has, with its seven bridges, its fishing port, its viewpoints, the Barrio de Villar with its examples of Indian architecture, the old fishermen’s quarters “El Cambaral” and “La Pescadería”, the emblematic hermitage of La Atalaya, the lighthouse, the Mesa del Gremio de Mareantes y Navegantes, the Jardines de la Fonte Baixa, or the Cemetery, considered one of the most beautiful in Spain due to its location overlooking the sea.

And of course, it has restaurants and cider bars where you can taste exquisite fish and seafood from the Bay of Biscay. A territory that is sensitive to culture, knowledge and history, such as that exuded by the medieval tower of Villademoros… This is Valdés.