High-speed railway network arrives to Asturias in November

High-speed railway network, an arrival to multiply the industrial and logistic potential of Asturias

Next November 29th, Asturias will be connected to the high-speed railway network. The following day, it will be possible to travel from Gijón or Oviedo to Madrid in around one hour less than nowadays.

In a second phase, as Talgo delivers the new AVE and Avlo trains of the 106 series and the training processes are completed, the incorporation of these new trains will mean an improvement in the offer both in terms of the number of connections, incorporating AVE and Avlo services, and in terms of time reduction. Avilés will then be incorporated as a new destination for Alvia trains.

This is a historic milestone in the development of communications in Asturias, an event that will multiply the tourist, industrial and logistic potential of our region.

The investment in the so-called Pajares Bypass, one of the most challenging infrastructures of European engineering, exceeds 4,000 million euros in almost twenty years of construction of this infrastructure.

The bypass will reduce industrial transport expenses to the Spanish central tableland by two thirds, both for taking goods to and from the rest of Spain and Portugal.

Renfe to put tickets on sale next November 2nd.

The high-speed railway network joins 5,044 km of roads, highways, and expressways, an international airport and two industrial ports (Gijón and Avilés) in a set of modern infrastructures that favour investment decisions in Asturias.

📷 Railway Infrastructure Administrator Adif.