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Invest in Asturias is a programme created by the Economic Development Agency of the Principality of Asturias (IDEPA), a public entity dependent on the Regional Government.

The aim of Invest in Asturias is to create suitable business environment, delivering customised attention to each investment project. We maintain close links with companies, public administrations and business promotion entities, offering support throughout the different project phases, right from initial contact through to business development.


Salime, from a pioneering hydroelectric power station to a paradigm of the energy transition in Asturias

Several energy companies are proposing hydraulic generation and storage initiatives, taking advantage of existing reservoirs and power plants. Power companies are showing commitment to Asturias in the path taken by Spain towards the decarbonization of the economy and the energy transition. Dozens of reservoirs and hydroelectric power plants in operation in our region for decades, […]

The Campus of Mieres, a business incubator with the University of Oviedo as an ally

The Research Building of this University environment offers space for the installation of businesses The Campus of Mieres favours relations between the university, industry, entrepreneurs, and investors Choosing the right location is a fundamental step when setting up a business or moving to a new site. And Asturias has suitable spaces for different company profiles. […]

A full view of Asturias capabilities at the Global Investment Convention GIC III

Invest in Asturias was part of this digital event, aimed at potential investors from all over the world Invest in Asturias took part this week in the Global Investment Convention GIC III, a prestigious digital event for potential investors and investment agencies all over the world managed by Crescendo Worldwide. During this convention, we showed […]


reasons to invest

Competitive Business Environment

Ideal conditions and resources for investment.

Education, talent and creativity

Highly-qualified workforce and deep-seated industrial tradition.

Innovative ecosystem

Innovative and evolving culture.

Strategically located for businesses

Geographical location and communications.

Institutional support and incentives

Numerous economic development programmes.

Extraordinary quality of life

Climate, gastronomy, nature, character…
A land where you feel good.


areas to invest