XXVIII Business Forum: Asturias, a place to invest

This year´s edition will be focused on the attraction of investments to favour the economic development of Asturias The President of the Principality of Asturias, Adrián Barbón, will open on December, 12th., the XXVIII Asturian Business Forum. This annual meeting of business representatives, regional and national Administration, economic promotion bodies and entities, technology and research […]

Asturias, an integral partner for the offshore wind industry

An Asturian delegation will show in ‘WindEurope Offshore Copenhagen 2019’ the capabilities of the region in the field of energy at sea

Asturias, European reference in innovation linked to active and healthy ageing

The region gets the highest score on the EIP on AHA’s Reference Site accreditation for its good practice programmes with the elders


reasons to invest

Competitive Business Environment

Ideal conditions and resources for investment.

Education, talent and creativity

Highly-qualified workforce and deep-seated industrial tradition.

Innovative ecosystem

Innovative and evolving culture.

Strategically located for businesses

Geographical location and communications.

Institutional support and incentives

Numerous economic development programmes.

Extraordinary quality of life

Climate, gastronomy, nature, character…
A land where you feel good.


areas to invest