A full view of Asturias capabilities at the Global Investment Convention GIC III

Invest in Asturias was part of this digital event, aimed at potential investors from all over the world.

Invest in Asturias took part this week in the Global Investment Convention GIC III, a prestigious digital event for potential investors and investment agencies all over the world managed by Crescendo Worldwide.

During this convention, we showed the strong capabilities of Asturias for attracting investment in sectors like metal, innovative manufacturing, health, or Information and Communication Technologies (ICT).

Our Managing Director, Eva Pando, emphasized in her speech the balance in Asturias between a privileged natural setting and our industrial culture and heart.

As an example, Pando highlighted that Asturias is the main iron, steel, and metallurgy area in Spain, counting with two industrial ports that enhance the activities of this sector.

Renewable energies, advanced materials, health, ICT

But Asturias is much more than that, as our region is immersed in the path towards the new challenges of the global economy. Along these lines, we are now also focusing on the industry around the renewable energies, the advanced materials and nanotechnology, health, and the ICT.

At GIC III, IDEPA’s Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) team met with several potential investors explaining why Asturias is an ideal place to invest, with reasons like Government help and incentives to company, state-of-the-art workplace environment, or convenient business locations.

Oportunidades para las empresas europeas en Asturias

As a part of our presence in this conference, the document “Opportunities for European companies in Asturias” was shared between the participants:

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