The Campus of Mieres, a business incubator with the University of Oviedo as an ally

The Research Building of this University environment offers space for the installation of businesses. The Campus of Mieres favours relations between the university, industry, entrepreneurs, and investors.

Choosing the right location is a fundamental step when setting up a business or moving to a new site. And Asturias has suitable spaces for different company profiles.

For example, the Research Building on the Campus of Mieres, located in a knowledge environment as important as the University of Oviedo.

The first floor of this building houses a business incubator that currently consists of three spaces of between 39 and 49 useful square metres.

The Research Building on the Campus de Mieres is a modern eight-storey building that houses important research organizations linked to the University, such as the Institute of Natural Resources and Territorial Planning (INDUROT), the European Centre for Soft Computing and the Joint Research Unit on Biodiversity. It also has an assembly hall, teaching rooms and a library.

The Office for the Transfer of Research Results (OTRI) rents these spaces. The mission of OTRI is to promote the transfer of knowledge from the University of Oviedo, fostering relations between the university, industry, entrepreneurs and investors, with the aim of contributing to the national system of innovation and technological development.

Workspaces designed for a wide range of needs

Asturias has a huge range of flexible options for working: collaborative spaces, individual offices, business incubators… All of them strategically located to facilitate professional performance. It is the case of the Incubator and Bioincubator of the Technology Park of Asturias, in Llanera, the I4.0 Building of the Gijón Science and Technology Park or the network of public business centres of the Principality of Asturias, ACEPPA.

A vibrant ecosystem of entrepreneurs, freelancers, digital nomads and professional communities that weave networks for professional development, allowing them to be always connected and keep growing.

Competitive business environment in Asturias

In the midst of a period of economic growth, Asturias offers a very favourable business environment for companies that decide to invest in our territory.

Among the fundamental factors of this environment are competitive labour costs on a national and European level, low employee turnover (with a high level of involvement in the company) and equally competitive costs for renting offices and industrial premises.

The Asturias Industrial and Logistics Activities Zone (ZALIA, close to the Port of Gijón and the main communication hubs), the Asturias Technology Park, the Gijón Science and Technology Park and the Avilés Isla de la Innovación Technology Park are singular spaces that make part of this business environment.

Other publicly promoted spaces for advanced services companies are part of the region’s offer.

Asturias also has industrial land available, as well as business premises, located in the main economic centres of the region. In the Industrial Space Locator of Asturias, LINEA, you can consult information on the business areas of the region, areas understood to be pockets of land occupied by a significant number of companies.