British multinational Crimtan to manage from Asturias its expansion plan for Spain and Southern Europe

The company, specialized in online marketing and digital advertising, is setting up in La Pipa (Gijón). Its initial plans are to create 24 jobs, with the possibility of greater figures It is the eleventh project to come to Asturias as part of the Regional Government’s Investment Attraction Strategy.

The British multinational Crimtan Holdings Ltd., specialized in advertising and digital marketing, has announced today its establishment in Asturias from where it will direct its expansion plans in the national market and its growth in the countries of Southern Europe.

The company will develop its activities for Spain from the business centre La Pipa, in Gijón, through the subsidiary Crimtan Esp S.L. constituted last December. Its initial plans are to create 24 jobs, with the possibility of greater figures, with a workforce specialized in programmatic advertising, analytics, data science and artificial intelligence (AI).

The project has been presented this morning in a public event chaired by the Regional Minister of Industry, Employment and Economic Promotion, Enrique Fernández, with the participation of Paul Goad, CEO of Crimtan, and several company managers. Alex Lawton, promoter of the technological ecosystem La Pipa, as well as the general manager of the Economic Development Agency of Asturias (IDEPA), Eva Pando, attended the event.

A regional strategy to attract foreign investment to Asturias

Crimtan is the eleventh project to come to Asturias in the framework of the Investment Attraction Strategy launched by the Regional Government to mitigate the effects of the health pandemic and boost the revival of the Asturian economy.

The strategy is coordinated by IDEPA and is implemented as a public-private partnership with the participation of the Chambers of Commerce, the Asturian Federation of Enterprises (FADE) and the think tanks Compromiso Asturias XXI and Asturias Power.

This project joins those confirmed by Mind Facilities Management, Bedrock Intelligence Group, TEAM EQ, Preco, Sea Eight, Indaer, TSFOT, Sialtrónica, Quirónsalud and NuevaRed Global.

With the implementation of Crimtan, the strategy totals a volume of investment of close to 200 million euros with an estimated 722 jobs, most of them highly qualified in the ICT, engineering and health sectors. 

The Regional Minister of Industry expressed his satisfaction for the implementation of Crimtan in Asturias, a decision that “confirms that Asturias is becoming a pole of attraction of investments with great potential in areas such as ICT”. He highlighted the growth potential of the company and the possibilities that open up for the creation of new jobs in technical profiles of high added value.

The Crimtan project in Asturias

From Asturias, Crimtan will provide a range of services related to digital advertising, including display, video, native advertising, outdoors and connected TV advertising.

According to the company’s plans, from Asturias it will directly contact the companies for which it provides advertising services, with its main customer profile being tourism and retail e-commerce companies.

The company’s two-year target is to serve the whole of Spain and to expand into southern Europe thereafter, while maintaining its centre of operations in the region.

Although it initially envisages the creation of 24 jobs over three years, the company has indicated that the investment and number of employees will increase considerably in case it opens satellite offices in Madrid and Barcelona. 

To this end, it is already working with the University of Oviedo to create training programmes in programmatic advertising, analytics, data science and Artificial Intelligence and to develop training programmes to meet future staffing needs in its commercial and business activities.

The company will be based in Gijón and will work with the Remotive agency, providing services to agencies based in Madrid and Barcelona. It will evolve to service direct partnerships with local online publishers. Its location in La Pipa is the result of collaboration agreements signed with Asturian companies Bedrock Humanised Intelligence and Remotive, both based in this area, with the continued support of IDEPA.

British multinational with offices in eight countries and global leader clients

Crimtan Holdings Ltd. was founded in 2009 and is based in London. It is a smart lifecycle marketing company with proprietary technology that enables targeted, high-performing programmatic advertising campaigns for well-known global retail, travel, education, and finance brands.

The company offers its clients a complete lifecycle marketing solution, the set of stages a product goes through from its introduction to the market until its withdrawal.

It has offices in St Petersburg, Dubai, Singapore, Sydney, Tokyo and New York. Current clients include Ikea, Toshiba, Hurtigrutten, Avis, Woolworth, Matches Fashion, Ferrero Rocher, Japanese Airlines, Fly Dubai and UNICEF.

Its specialization in new forms of advertising and digital marketing and the expectations of growth of this business in the Spanish market as a result of the changes driven by COVID-19 are some reasons for its establishment in Asturias.

Spain, in this sense, is one of the largest advertising markets in Europe. The programmatic advertising market in our country is currently estimated at 4.1 billion euros and is expected to grow rapidly over the next 4 years to reach 6 billion euros.