Global Perspectives sets up in the Technology Park of Asturias

The British-owned company is dedicated to finding patients willing to participate in non-interventional clinical studies. Global Perspectives plans to increase the management team in Asturias up to 100 jobs, positioning itself as a world leader in its segment.

Global Perspectives, a British company dedicated to the search for patients willing to participate in non-interventional clinical studies, will open its new offices in the Technology Park of Asturias. To authorise this incorporation, the Park Committee has valued both the innovative nature of the company and its use of advanced technology.

The company, which aims to position itself as a world leader in its segment, exceeds 500 studies per year, involving more than 20,000 participants in 65 countries. The aim of these studies is to improve the quality of life of patients, which involves locating people affected by diverse types of diseases around the world and contacting them on a daily basis to ask about their lives and experiences, both with the disease and the treatment they are following.

To facilitate the location of potential participants, Global Perspectives is developing a virtual system, based on intelligent software, which suggests the most relevant sources of communication to search for and recruit patients suffering from different pathologies, while always respecting the limitations derived from legislation on personal data protection.

Global Perspectives is hiring in Asturias

Global Perspectives also aims to increase its team in Asturias, dedicated to project management and patient support, up to 100 employees in the coming years. To this end, the company is recruiting people looking for a challenging and rewarding career, from a range of diverse backgrounds, with a good academic record, a remarkably high capacity for learning and a perfect command of the English language.

The Technology Park of Asturias, a benchmark in innovation

Promoted by the Government of Asturias and under the impulse of the Economic Development Agency of the Principality of Asturias (IDEPA)the Technology Park of Asturias has been during these years a reference of the regional innovation, research and development policy, where coexist multinationals, SMEs and startups related to sectors and activities linked to information and communication technologies, engineering and technical and environmental consultancy, as well as the electricity, plastics, renewable energies, chemical-pharmaceutical and biotechnological sectors.

The Park was inaugurated in June 1991 and currently brings together 140 companies with a turnover of around 400 million euros and employs 2,500 people, over 40% of whom have university degrees. 10% of the Park’s employment is in R&D&I activities and the companies installed there allocate 4% of their turnover to the development of programmes linked to innovation.

In this context, the Technology Park of Asturias is configured as an ecosystem where highly innovative firms are based, together with the main economic promotion instruments of Asturias articulated around the IDEPA.