PMG Asturias Powder Metal, awarded with the IDEPA 2021 Business Growth Award

After 25 years in Asturias, its constant investments have allowed the development of a high value-added industrial activity in the automotive sector.

The Economic Development Agency of the Principality of Asturias (IDEPA) has awarded the IDEPA 2021 Award for Business Growth to PMG Asturias Powder Metal.

Part of PMG – Powder Metal Goldschmidt, PMG Asturias Powder Metal is a foreign capital company with a 25-year history in Mieres, Asturias. Its constant investment has allowed the development of a high added value industrial activity, such as the manufacture of mechanical components using sintered technology for the automotive industry.

Foto: PMG Asturias Powder Metal

The PMG Asturias facility was an innovative concept designed to produce high-volume components while meeting strict quality requirements and helped to elevate the PMG Group to a world leadership position in manufacturing powder metal parts used in synchronization.

The jury of the IDEPA 2021 Business Impulse Awards underlines the company´s sustained increase in highly specialised employment, the wide and diversified portfolio of products and solutions to respond to a demanding sector, as well as the international leadership backed by an export level of 95%.

The prize jury also recognises in the company the development of internal talent and the continuous investment in knowledge to expand and diversify the range of products and services. For this purpose, PMG has recently created, in the Baíña Industrial Estate, the Powertrain Research and Development Centre, and located in Asturias the PMG Group’s Global Materials Development Directorate.

220 direct jobs in a 12,000-square-meter facility

This multinational company has almost doubled the size of its workforce in a decade in Asturias, with 220 jobs, although it mobilizes some 330 daily. Its plant in Mieres occupies more than 12,000 square meters.

The IDEPA 2021 Business Impulse Awards, which have a cash prize of € 15,000, trophy and diploma, aim to recognize, encourage, and promote initiatives of companies based in our region related to the promotion of innovation, internationalization and business growth.

In addition to PMG, IDEPA has awarded two other Business Impulse Awards to Excade for their innovative work and to Astilleros Gondán for its strong international presence.