Sontara invests 7.63 million euros in the factory of Tamón with the support of the Government of Asturias

US company Glatfelter, owner of the Asturian factory, receives a 1.89 million euro grant to improve energy efficiency.

Sontara Asturias is undertaking an investment of 7.63 million euros in its Tamón factory in order to increase the speed of its line of nonwoven fabrics for sanitary use and improve the energy efficiency of the facilities. The Government of Asturias is backing this investment with a grant of 1.89 million euros.

The first plan of the company, owned by the US company Glatfelter, consists of improving the energy efficiency of the main production line of the factory through specific actions in the winding and hydro braiding processes.

The planned improvements will increase the working speed of the line, shortening the operating periods required to achieve equivalent levels of production, thus significantly reducing energy consumption.

In a second action, the plant will switch to centralized generation of both cooling and heating, which will result in a significant increase in energy efficiency, leading to important savings.

Swiss multinational Jacob Holm bought Sontara from DuPont in 2014 and sold it in 2021. In October 2021, Glatfelter, a global leader in the supply of engineered materials based in Charlotte, US, completed the acquisition of Sontara from Jacob Holm.

Government subsidies to improve energy efficiency in the industrial sector in Asturias

The Regional Ministry of Industry, Employment, and Economic Promotion backs this investment. The grant of 1.89 million euros is the highest within the fourth award of subsidies corresponding to the aid programme for energy efficiency actions in SMEs and large companies in the industrial sector in Asturias.

The purpose of these subsidies is to award non-repayable grants to promote energy saving and efficiency by reducing, as far as possible, the consumption of fossil fuels.